Jolasers for your Bendigo Workplace Investigation

Jolasers for all your Bendigo Workplace Investigations

Why Is Conducting A Quality Workplace Investigation So Important?

When employees come forward with a concern, the best thing you can do is address it right away. Failing to do so could lead to legal problems for your company, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims.

Investigating Employee Concerns

An investigation is a fact-finding process that is used when there are employee concerns. It is not a witch hunt and should not be used to single out particular individuals.

What Should Be Included In A Well-Run Workplace Investigation?

The investigation should look at both sides of the issue. Information from relevant witnesses should be gathered, and relevant documents should be collected to assist in the investigation.

  • The specific issue or problem
  • The date when the issue was first observed
  • The date when the issue was reported
  • The date of the investigation
  • The team conducting the investigation
  • The method of investigation
  • The people involved in the investigation
  • The information collected during the investigation
  • The decision based on the findings of the investigation
  • The documentation of the investigation

Limiting Investigator Bias

An investigation is not a courtroom trial. But, it is a fact-finding process, which happens to be performed by a group of people. There are various methods of investigation that can be used to resolve employee issues.

Finding Out The Truth And Gaining Commitment To Change

As you collect and analyze the evidence, you should be careful to ensure that your investigation is not slanted in any way.


A workplace investigation is a method of collecting information and evidence in order to resolve disputes, identify problems, and make improvements.



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